Viral Marketing – Let’s See How it Works

The greatest issue most sites have is that they are instantly forgettable. They sell or state the exact same thing as hundreds or countless other websites; to an audience that is so quick to click-away that a big percentage of their traffic never values why they need to purchase anything or listen to what’s being said.

In order for a website or advertising campaign to be intriguing enough for visitors to stick-around, or clever sufficient to be viral, it needs to be engaging enough to trigger audiences to stay, absorb, and pass it onto pals and coworkers. This does not indicate that the media presented needs to be salacious or in some way socially unsuitable.

Typical viral videos of silly people doing sophomoric things on fuzzy video maybe viral for individuals with too much time on their hands however it’s viral without marketing or branding purpose.

Purposeful viral video sites and projects present meaningful theme-based messages within the context of an amusing experience that deserves duplicating and distributing. Simply put, it should have both substance and style.

The 7 Viral Video Campaign Components

  1. Engage: Get Attention.
  2. Enlighten: Supply Substance.
  3. Stylize: Develop An Experience.
  4. Focus: Correspond.
  5. Amuse: Be Unforgettable.
  6. Resonate: Struck A Nerve.
  7. Excite: Oblige Action.

Corollary: Actionable Ideas Trigger Brand Awareness and Leads

Deconstructing The Case of Cache Closed

For some it’s a giant leap of faith to accept the concept that something can be amusing and meaningful at the exact same time. Apple Computer is one company that gets the idea, and whether it’s their Macintosh or iPod project, each shows all 7 components of a viral advertising initiative. And these videos work too and maybe better online as they do on tv.

To turn a viral marketing idea into a reliable campaign beyond a single one-off video you require vision, guts, and fantastic creative. In order to show to clients how such a project works, we developed something called ‘Cache Closed.’

The project is consisted of a website that contains a series of two-minute videos that not do anything however present ideas and concepts indicated to assist customers with their marketing and branding. No sales pitches. No requesting orders, or anything else, just ideas provided in an unique, some would say bizarre, entertaining way.

Is it for everybody; absolutely not, however we have lots of text-based material on our sites that people and online search engine can read or index. But this project is aimed at more creatively informed organisation and marketing executives looking to turn advertising into material, not content into advertising.

Developing The Brand Name Hero and Back-Story

Marshall McLuhan explained tv as a ‘cold medium’ and if that holds true, the Web is a frozen glacier. However even the most barren landscape appears able to sustain some type of life, and video and audio offers that vital force to the otherwise digital Internet void.

Isn’t it time we put aside the bulleted-point slide programs, over-used royalty-free media, self-promoting ego discussions, threadbare, dumb-downed messages, and insulting con-artist methods with the timeless ‘however wait there’s more …’ copy.

Whether it’s a website, a marketing campaign or both, you need to start with a principle. When it comes to ‘Cache Closed’ the idea is simple, the media is the message, and video delivered by a genuine person, presents your marketing story much better than any other discussion format. So in order to tell the story efficiently, we needed to create a writer: enter our hero, ‘Cache Closed.’

Who Is Cache Closed?

No matter what medium you operate in, what engages an audience most is human contact, and the closest you can get to human contact on the Web is video of a genuine individual. In this circumstances our professional star actually represents a binary creation, but by using a genuine individual instead of an animation or avatar, we had the ability to instill some humanity and engage the audience on a psychological level.

Before we composed the scripts we needed to develop the character. Below is the character back-story that was initially written as a commentary intro that was later on removed, but the back-story notified the nature of the character as well as journalism releases that were sent when the campaign was introduced.

The Cache Closed Back-story

” Meet Cache Closed, a digital construct, fabricated from the binary remains of lost and discarded data found in the ditch beside the info highway.

Do not be tricked by the manic way and bizarre behaviour of this cyber wack-a-do, as he does not have the official niceties and erudite-etiquette of his digitally-deficient disciples; but he does have the benefit of the built up understanding gotten from the free-flow of info passed-over and forgotten by internet user addicted Web-junkies and their partners.

Listen closely, due to the fact that behind the mad ravings of this a little out-of-phase demented pixelated-paranoid is the wisdom that will put you on the path to Web-marketing success.”

How The 7 Viral Elements Educated The Campaign

Engage The Audience

Get Attention. If you begin with the idea that Web traffic is an audience, you stand a better possibility of getting their attention and making a connection that will get them to stay enough time to listen to your message.

Upon getting in the website visitors are presented with significant music and a series of warnings worrying the dangers of Web viruses. The cautions are interrupted by an abrupt change of rate interjection by our hero with the line, “So, now I have actually invaded your hard disk drive. You heard of viral marketing, now let’s see how it works.” We grab our audience’s attention, peak their interest, inform them of the content, and show the principle, all in forty-five seconds.

Inform And Notify

Supply Substance. Regardless of all the non sequitur discussion and oddball discussion methods, each of the initial videos that make up the site have a particular marketing or branding point.

We understand that not everybody is going to get all the recommendations, however for those who do, the target market, will be really engaged by the discussion and notified by the material.

Cache Closed shows simply how far you can push the principle of a talking head – they don’t have to be boring. For Cache Closed the medium is as much the message as the real details. It informs and enlightens for those available to making viral marketing both infectious and significant.

Stylize The Experience

Produce An Experience. Obviously we could have presented the very same basic material with an uncomplicated presentation in a clear and concise way, but it would have been uninspiring and quickly forgettable. We’ve written lots of articles including this one about how to market your products and brand name your business online, but we know 70% of even interested individuals won’t read it.

Every day I get audio and video discussions done by companies both expertly and DYI, and as great as the actual information maybe, the presentation of it is undistinguished. In marketing, being forgettable is the very first lethal sin. If you’re not producing an experience for your audience you will never ever be kept in mind no matter how important, or possibly useful, your information.

The Cache Closed idea was a threat, however without threat there’s no reward, and the benefit in viral marketing is being kept in mind.


Correspond. Marketing executives know that companies can’t be all things to all people, however hammering away at the exact same message in the same way can produce a situation where the audience feels they’ve heard everything before. The obstacle is to keep your projects fresh and brand-new while at the exact same time providing a focused, consistent message. Do not change the message; simply present it in brand-new and amazing methods.

As unusual as the Cache Closed project is, it is still securely grounded in what we do and why. Whether we are developing projects for customers or ourselves, we always focus on the core principle that separates the client or ourselves from the competition.

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