The World Needs More Healing, Not More Debating

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What the World does not need is more debating, more arguing, more mundane discussions that isn’t going anywhere. While people are arguing, trying to prove others wrong or trying to prevent others from progressing, there are those who needs somebody to be strong for them, somebody to talk for them, someone to champion their cause. We waste time arguing when our time may be better served else where.

Do not for one second think you need to get treated 100% before you can begin helping others. I’ve found that waiting for the Medical system to cure me takes up plenty of time, when it is the interaction with other human beings that want to find hope, motivation, strength and a way to manage their current life that disturbs me. Reaching out to others by means of my writing and my site has helped me tremendously in my healing, a healing that couldn’t have come about by my always medicating myself with mathematics. A whole lot of the world’s problems could be solved by human beings coming together in love to enact positive and wholesome changes.

When we state the World needs healing we’re speaking in a more abstract form. Since the reality is, the World is composed of people and it is the men and women who needs love and healing. Nobody is an island and nobody should stand alone. People today will need to be comforted, they have to be aware there’s not any reason that they ought to go it alone. The reality isthat none of us are strangers. I strongly feel that strangers are only friends we have not met yet. But to meet those friends we will need to move from our existence. We must enlarge our hearts and our minds to see other cultures, see that they’re just people like everyone else with hopes, disappointments, love, goals and dreams. We’re all the same, we are all Human Beings with the exact issues, the very same dreams, goals, desires and desires. We’re all cut from the same cloth of humanity.

We foster recovery in the world once we take action to heal ourselves. Do what you will need to do in order to go deep inside to heal. When you’re committed to growing and recovery The Universe will send the proper people into your life to hurt you, love you, push the wrong/right buttons to shock you from your slumber so that you can contact fulfilling your purpose of curing yourself so you can bring healing to the rest of the planet. It requires plenty of power to go within to dig up all of the toxic emotions that will stop you from living and leading a wholesome life.

As soon as you get those poisonous emotions from you your energy will feel lighter and the pressure will be off your shoulders, your brain will feel freer and you’ll have a new found inner peace and strength that will let you help others better. Do not rush yourself. Learn how to develop compassion, love, compassion and understanding to and on your own. The identical compassion, love, compassion and understanding you give to other people you should definitely give to yourself. Stop punishing yourself how your early caretakers beat up on you and penalized you senselessly.

People in this world are punishing themselves endlessly for items which were out of the control or is outside presently out of their hands, things that they’re not powerful enough to manage because they have not learned the tools to cure and manage their lives. They feel that because they’re Adults they need to have the ability to handle everything. You can’t handle everything if you’re in pain, if you’re hurting, if you’re struggling in life. Once we’ve developed the internal tools to strengthening and healing our own lives we should now turn around and help others develop the necessary tools for tackling their lifestyles.

So as to bring healing to others we will need to be leaders in our own lives so that we can enable others to become leaders in their own lives. The debating skills we learned in high school or University can assist us when we are seeking funding for our Non-Profit associations, but we shouldn’t get caught up in arguing nonsensically when our energy is required elsewhere. If someone wishes to argue with you protect your mental state by walking away. It does not mean that you’re sensitive, thin-skinned or whatever other criticisms might be heaped your own way. It takes strength to walk away from something that’s not serving you and is just making your life miserable and unhappy. There’s much more to life. As we’re directing more loving energy into our lives we’re channeling the very same energies in the World.

There are great things happening in this World and we will need to have on board or else we’ll be left behind. Life can be such a joyful and glorious place to reside in once we make the choice to leave the darkness behind. You’ve to think that there’s better out there and you’ll find it. As much this is all about the Heal Beyond Belief on the Earth, it’s very much about bringing healing to yourself too. Without you healing you’re bound to repeat the same cycle of life you’re attempting to move away from. You may move away from a situation but when the situation remains in you, all you’re doing is bringing You . “We can not solve problems by using the exact same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” That means to bring healing to ourselves and to others we can not be in the very same conditions that gave rise to those issues. We will need to move away from anything that will block our recovery and our living our life in a healthier Present.

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