Parking Garage Surveillance: What Locations Are Your High-Risk Safety Concerns?

Usually, parking lot can be perfect locations for criminal offense. Dark corners, tight areas, and several levels and/or rows of cars are prime areas for bad guys to prowl. But a well-lit garage with several CCTV video cameras tactically placed throughout the building can increase your consumers’ sense of security and secure your house. When your consumers feel you are worried about their security, they will continue to utilize your garage in the future and suggest it to others.

It is 6:00 p.m. on a dark December night. A lady has actually simply left her office, where she was burning the midnight oil, and is now strolling to her cars and truck in your parking lot. Besides her laptop computer bag and bag, she’s bring a couple shopping bags including presents for the holidays. Does she feel safe in your parking facility as she makes her method to her automobile?

The best ways to Maximize the Security of Your Parking Garage

There are several methods to make your multi-level garage more secure, by minimizing the potential for criminal activity, with a surveillance system. As you prepare your video security system, you ought to consider:

The quantity of lights set up in your building to make sure that key areas, like toll cubicles, elevators, and stairwells, are well lit. Recommended visit .
Using color cams rather of black and white video cameras so it will be easier to identify people and lorries.
The positioning of CCTV cams so that glare from the sun, cars and truck headlights, or garage lights does not impact the video image.

Prime areas for security camera installation include:


Fixed, super-high resolution CCTV box cams installed at entrances and exits can record the license plates of each vehicle going into and exiting your garage – day or night. If an accident or crime occurs in your facility, you will have a record of the automobile’s make, model, and license plate number to offer to law enforcement to help them find the person or criminal involved.

Toll Booth

A plainly displayed high resolution, CCTV CCD box video camera or a high resolution, vandal-proof, indoor dome video camera set up in your toll booth can help protect your employees and aid in identifying robbers. These cams also can assist you monitor all money and charge card transactions to ensure that your staff members are not stealing from you or utilizing client credit card numbers to get in phony sales in order to pocket the cash.


Additionally, if individuals become trapped in an elevator, or have a heart attack or another medical condition take place while in the elevator or stairwell, CCTV monitoring enables your employees to get in touch with emergency situation personnel right away to facilitate their elimination from the elevator and/or the medical care they may need.

Vandal-proof bullet or dome security video cameras are perfect for keeping track of the entrances and insides of elevators and stairwells. By observing elevators and stairwells in genuine time, your workers can call the police instantly if someone is robbed or attacked. Likewise video evidence works in capturing and founding guilty crooks in unwanted sexual advances or attack cases and break-in trials.

Parking Areas

While the sheer size of the parking lot in your garage may appear to make appropriate defense a difficulty, with using wide-angle, vandal-proof, bullet or dome cams with infrared abilities for low-light areas, you can see wide areas of your center. A few of these cams can even see as much as 75 feet away.

Noticeable security cams can assist to:

Video surveillancecan help you prevent pricey liability cases due to mishaps taking place in your parking facility. While video cameras can not prevent mishaps from taking place, they can supply the needed proof to confirm individuals’ claims about the occurrence.

Prevent thieves from burglarizing cars and trucks.
Prevent sexual predators from assaulting females as they get into or out of their vehicles.
Recognize any automobile or property vandals.
Allow your security personnel to signal the authorities of any suspicious activity taking place in your garage.

Above all, monitoring video can provide police with the ways to identify and prosecute any wrongdoers.

Boost Your Patrons Level of Security with CCTV

CCTV Dynamics provides a variety of total surveillance plans or private cameras, DVRs, or devices for your parking garage installation, at costs to fit your budget. Visit our website today for additional information on ways to increase your consumers’ understanding about the level of security you offer in your parking garage – which, in turn, can increase the growth of your organisation.

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