New Generation Car Phone Holders

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As better apps are produced cell phones, it is ending up being less required for the geographically-stunted people to pay out on an appropriate Sat Nav, as it’s quite easy to do the job on your phone instead. And now that screens are getting so large, there’s no problem with needing to squint at a small screen as you aim to make your way down the roadway. However something you will need is a good automobile phone install that will keep your phone in location best car phone holder, safely and in a quickly understandable position.

One issue a lot of individuals reported having with numerous holders on the market is that their placing in the cars and truck can be at finest uncomfortable and at worst potentially dangerous. Installs that stick to the windscreen can distract the driver and obstruct the view of the road at vital moments, and air vent holders not only obstruct the vent itself however are also not very stable and can flop around all over the location. A new option to the problem has been posed in the form of the Dash Genie, which is the world’s first suction-based dashboard holder. The Genie is designed to cling tightly to your control panel without the need for adhesive and won’t leave any sticky marks.

The Dash Genie can be connected to the dashboard with making use of a simple suction cup which ought to then keep your phone tightly in place, whether you’re hurtling over speed-bumps or swinging around corners. It’s made of an innovative material that’s super-sticky, so you can simply plonk your phone on it an off you go.

You can show your phone in either portraint or landscape, and tilt the holder itself, so that you make sure the best position to read your Sat Nav from it. Because it stays with the dashboard, it won’t limit your view so supplies a more secure option to windscreen-based cars and truck phone.

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