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There are 2 sides to using pillows while light-weight backpacking. One group (mostly ultralighters) desire absolutely nothing to do with the pillow and the other is more then willing to bring them along if it indicates a little additional convenience on the path best backpacking pillows. Personally I like having a pillow or a minimum of a pillow substitute so that I can make sure that I get an excellent comfortable nights sleep.

There are generally two types of pillows readily available on the market today. The air filled and the down/synthetic filled pillows. There is also the things sack pillow which can be filled with pretty much anything you can get your hands on. I have actually become aware of individuals resting there head on anything from a fleece coat to their cooking pot, with different levels of comfort I make certain.

I currently utilize the same type and size of pillow that I use on my bed in the house every night, which works for me because size and weight are not big issues at the minute because I am more of an automobile camper then anything else. Recently however, I acquired my first things sack pillow made from fleece. I have actually tried it out at home to see how comfy it is and from what I can see it is good enough for me. I can pack in a fleece jacket or a few of my extra clothes before I go to bed for the night and have great deals of assistance for my neck throughout the night. Because I have a bad back and I am a side sleeper this is important to me and is of a fair amount of concern when I get out backpacking. If I have an aching neck or back when I awaken in the early morning with a long ways to trek during the day, it is going to make it a very uncomfortable experience for me.

The down/synthetic pillows that are on the market are a bit weird to me since they are designed to compact to a little size so that they fit in your backpack and take up as little space as possible, which is excellent. But I would have to ask then, how does it preserve it’s shape throughout the night to give you enough support to make sure a comfy sleep. Well, from the research that I have actually done I have found that there are some who find it provides all the support they require and others still who have nothing but problems with their pillows losing their loft and they end up sleeping with their head on the ground.

The problem that exists in the market and at the exact same time the markets greatest strength is that everything is designed to match a particular subsection of the market. Nothing is really developed with everyone in mind. Which is good since it indicates that individuals can get exactly what fits them best. But it is an issue for individuals like me who attempt and offer suggestions to other individuals who are in the market for this kind of product. I can’t truly tell you how comfortable a pillow is, you simply need to try them out on your own. All I can use is a viewpoint regarding what I like and why I like it.

This leads us into the last kind of pillow which is the air filled pillow. In my opinion there is absolutely nothing worse then a pillow filled with air. It uses no support and for the most parts they have sharp edges or are made of products that make them noisy to sleep on. The absence of assistance is because there is just nothing in them (except air). However just like anything there are some on the planet that swear by air filled pillows due to the fact that they take up much less room then a down or synthetic filled pillow due to the fact that you are not taking the filling with you. This likewise leads to them being lighter which as numerous ultralighters understand is gold.

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